Setting up Direct Billing of Lodging with a local hotel

Most hotels in the area are familiar with UCSB, and will offer direct billing for your guests. We have worked recently with: Best Western South Coast Inn, Franciscan Inn, Upham Hotel, and the Hampton Inn. If you have a hotel preference that does not appear on the list, but agrees to direct bill ISBER, put the hotel in touch with your C & G Manager.

Please request that the hotel only direct bill for room & tax charges, as all other expenses will need to be paid by the individual upon check-out (however, appropriate, business-related expenses listed on their hotel receipt may be reimbursable as part of their overall travel reimbursement, if you approve and your guest is able to supply original, itemized documentation).

The hotel should send all invoices and/or agreements to the following:

2201 North Hall, MC 2150
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2150
Fax: (805) 893-7995

Making Airfare Arrangements through Connexus

If you would like to pay for your guests' airfare, the University offers UCLA Travel Center as a convenient, direct billing option. We have found that it is usually easiest to search for a preferred itinerary using an Internet search engine such as Kayak, Expedia, or Orbit, and then enter the flight information into the form found at the link below:

Further instructions can be found here:

Please make sure you or your guests contact your Contract & Grant Manager when you/they are ready to make reservations, as someone needs to be available to confirm with a budget number within 24 hours. Also, please make sure a note is added to the UCLA travel form that indicates your grant manager as the departmental contact.

Awarding Honoraria

Honoraria can only be given for specific, academic reasons. Please contact your Contract & Grant Manager when honoraria will be issued for guidance and make sure to provide the following information:

  • Date, time, location and title of talk (and flier if available)
  • (US Citizens, Non-UC): Social Security #, Home address and Mailing Address.
  • (Foreign): Copies of passport, visa, I-94 and ITIN number (other forms needed- contact your C&G Manager)
  • (UC employee): Many pieces of information, some which will only be available by contacting their home campus HR Analyst (contact your C&G Manager for info).

Planning Meals, Refreshments, and Receptions

Contact your Contract & Grant Manager before arrangements are made so that a Blanket Prior Approval can be established with the following information:

  • Dates, times, and location of event (and flier if available)
  • Guest list (including names, titles, and affiliations of ALL attendees)
  • Business related nature/purpose of the event

Failure to get Prior Approval can result in incurring expenses that are un-allowable, and hence cannot be reimbursed. See "entertainment" section of ISBER's website for more information about caterers.

  • Keep in mind the following per-person meal caps: $26 breakfast, $45 Lunch, 78 Dinner, $18 Refreshments. Anything over these caps (which INCLUDE TAX, TIP, and DELIVERY) is considered exceptional and will need to be approved by the Office of Research.
  • If Alcohol will be purchased, the request must be sent to Office of Research for the Vice Chancellor's approval. Please let ISBER know ASAP so that this approval can be in place ahead of time or risk incurring non-reimbursable expenses.
  • Alcohol is not allowable unless unrestricted monies are available to pay. Grants can never pay for alcohol, except under extremely exceptional circumstances when the award budget explicitly includes a line item for these expenses.

Parking, Transportation, Meeting Room Rental, and Miscellaneous Expenses (at UCSB)

  • Please have direct billed if possible.
  • Have the Individual Departments (Transportation and Parking Services, UCen, etc) contact your C&G Manager for an account number to use for expenses.